Jewelry Land


  What made you want to be apart of PNK Elephant as the co owner?
Kijafa VickI wanted to do something on my own, something that I could be proud of, the opportunity presented itself so I went for it.
        Where did the name PNK Elephant come from?
Kijafa VickMy partner Blair Sandlain actually had the name before I became apart of the team.
       What makes PNK Elephant different from other accessories store
Kijafa VickOur price points are great, and the fact that we put our personality into the company.
Can you tell me about some of the pieces that’s in the store?
Kijafa Vick- We usually have bold statement items, the sexy fish bone earrings are my favorite right now.
 How important is fashion and jewelry to you?
 Kijafa VickIt’s really important, accessories really completes the look of any outfit.
Where do you see PNK Elephant as a brand in the next 5 years-
 Kijafa VickWe just added clothing to our categories, and we would like to start our own clothing line.
Who or what inspires you?
Kijafa VickI get inspired from everything from street fashion to fashion magazines
What advice would you give to young girls like myself who’s trying to do something similar to what your doing?
Kijafa VickMake sure you research and read everything, and know what you are getting yourself into.


If your ever in the Philadelphia area visit PNK Elephant Flagship Store– 504 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 Or visit


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